CP 200

Our compact laboratory roller compactor

The CP 200 is a fully PLC and sensor controlled lab compactor, which is ideally suited for the development of pharmaceutical products and small production.

Precise & powerful

That’s why our top models are equipped with a large diameter granulator rotor of 150mm and with a screen wrap angle of 165° is that very efficient.

The design of the machine is characterized by its extremely compact design. The stand area is just 80cm x 80cm which makes the use in the isolator very easy. Despite the small outside mass, the roller press is fully equipped and is one of the best on the market with its performance. Another strong feature is the ease of use, which could be achieved by reducing the components by 30%. Together with the option wash in place you get strong combination for the cleaning. In this way, toxic products can be processed and the protection of employees is guaranteed. For further details see below.

Features of FAYTEC roller compactors

Click the following numbers, to find out more.

Click the following numbers, to find out more.

1: Inlet hopper

The Powder mixture is fed into the roller compactor via inlet hopper. The rotating lump breaker in the hopper is responsible for a contant powder flow.

2: Horizontal metering screw

Efficent powder feeding by horizontal metering screw. No rotation calculation nessesary from horizontal to the vertical metering screw. This is very important to avoid powder jam by step feeding.

3: Vertical metering screw

Press roller fedding with vertical metering screw, is feeding with gravity. Similar powder feeding conditions for left and right press roller. This design guarantees an optimal comnpaction process.

4: Precise press force control

The hydraulic press force is working with expansion reservoir. This technology is responsible for the quick and precise roller gap and force control.
Press force up to 20 kN/cm.

5: Granulation

Thea large diameter granulator rotor of 150mm is working for a high through outputh. The long  screen wrap angle of over 160° around the rotor is designed for the efficient granulation process.

Have we sparked your interest?

Have we sparked your interest?